Muslim Student Association
UTSA Chapter


     The Muslim Student Association is a non-profit, registered student organization at the University of Texas at San Antonio.


The Goals

     Our main concern, and our over-riding aim is to gain the pleasure of Allah, and avoid His displeasure. We have three main paths through which we try to earn the pleasure of Allah. First, we seek to educate and train Muslims in the Islamic religion. The basic goal of our education programs is in essence to provide the opportunity to gain the knowledge, and receive the understanding of the religion that will help one in entering into a complete state of worship of Allah. Second, we seek to provide an organizational platform to invite people of other religions and ideologies to the worship of the one true God, and the messengership of the last and final messenger to humanity, Prophet Muhammad. Third, we seek to provide services that will facilitate living an Islamic life in the university environment. Any activities or programs we undertake, we try in some form or another to get closer to accomplishing these three goals, and ultimately in pleasing Allah, and earning His paradise.



     The Muslim Students' Association is glad to offer any assistance possible to all new Muslim students who arrive in the San Antonio area. Such services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Help in settling in once in the San Antonio area
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Information about different services in the area
  • Advice and help in registration for classes
  • Social events to introduce the new students to other new students and to old students (usually held soon after the semester starts)
  • Information about the Islamic community and services offered by the Islamic Center and by the MSA.
  • ..